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I originally wrote this for THE ALCHEMY JOURNAL but REALITY SANDWICH published it too, all about Eastern Alchemy traditions and Tantra

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The true implications of the Hermetic axiom 'as above so below' examined through the strata of correspondences and relations that form physical existence. A cross-disciplinary approach to unification through alchemical philosophy that weaves the tantric web of conjunctio through every event, no matter how large or how small. Let's bring the androgyn into everything, dismembering the archetype to reveal its iteration into infinity.

I wrote this very fun Elfquest Article for BoingBoing

“In The Secret Source, authors Maja D’Aoust and Adam Parfrey break down the ancient Hermetic teachings that have led to the recent outbreak of self-help ideas and schools of New Thought that are taking over the gullible masses. Though the subject matter is at times a little deep and the philosophies can be somewhat esoteric, the authors have done a good job of laying everything out in terms that are understandable without being dumbed down. I highly suggest that you make this book your next selection.” — Elizabeth Headrick, Book Fetish

Exploring the Subconscious in this article for REALITY SANDWICH

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I got to work with so many talented people on this FUNNY OR DIE PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL VIDEO

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interview with REVOLT OF THE APES